Snake Extermination Tips

Thought of a Snake slithering around your home, you feel a shiver in your spine. Snake word is a nightmare and a symbol of fear and terror. These reptiles are everywhere, creeping and clinging. Even though the snake is near nowhere as prevalent as our irrational fears would have, they are venomous and non-venomous. Venomous snakes are very dangerous if distributed in surroundings. Extreme cautions should be taken while dealing with snakes. 

You can have an encounter with snakes occasionally if you have a backyard, lawn, barren land, woodpiles, and countryside area. 

The extermination of snakes is very careful to practice. There is no magic to use, but certain tips can be used for the extermination of snakes.

Lethal Tips for Snake Extermination

  • Snakes can be shot down with a gun.
  • Calcium Cyanide is also used to kill snakes in burrows.
  • Fumigant gases are used as a lethal exterminator for snake dens.
  • Bleaching is a chemical exterminator. Chlorine bleach is diluted with water and use it in the desired area.
  • A mixture of hot pepper and snake repellent lime exterminates snakes from your property. Pour the mixture in perimeters of your home.
  • A diluted solution of nicotine sulfate works as a lethal exterminator in locations, if the water is scarce.

In spite of tips used for lethal extermination of snakes, there are plenty of possible ways to eliminate them humanely. Snakes are an important part of current food chains. They eat pests and prey on some tiny creatures that destroy crops.

We prioritize humane extermination for environment-friendly solutions.  

Humane Extermination Tips

Snake Tongs 

You can use a snake tong for extermination. Grab the snake ⅓ the way down the area. Drag it towards the area you intend to release it. It requires very efficiency and agility. You can practice tong use on a plastic hose. Snake tongs vary in length and weight, not easy to manipulate.

Snake Glue Traps

These snake glue traps have some adhesive materials inside it. They are placed in the areas of snake visits or travel frequently.

  • Place it in gardens, under the shed, along the fence line or other structures.
  • If a snake is trapped in it, apply a generous amount of vegetable oil on it.
  • Take the trap to the desired area, release the snake there, extremely humane extermination.

Minnow Traps

They are actually metal cylinders with bait inside. There are one or two entrances. Snake can enter in it, but cant get outside. Once a snake is trapped, Trap is taken to area miles away from the original area. The snake is released there.

You can exterminate them humanely around your home by following tips also.

  • Seal small gaps under doors and decks.
  • Cutting down of bushes and long grass around.
  • Elimination of debris, wood, or rock piles.
  • Trim the hedges.

The best way to protect your loved ones is to consult wildlife team or professionals. They come to your place, survey it, and apply the best possible solution.

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