Rat vs. Mouse

Mouse is the second most populous mammals in urban areas. You can also find them nearly in every house because they inhabit where humans live. They are dangerous to human health and it is better to just get rid of them. There are common 2 species of these rodents that you can find in your house- Rats and Mouse.

Often people confuse both of them because they belong to the same family of rodents. But they are virtually distinguishable and following are the differences anyone could notice: 

Major difference

You can easily distinguish between a rat and a mouse from their physical features. They may look alike but you can differ them from their size and weight. If you have a rat or mouse problem at your house you can tell their difference by examining their activity. 

The size of their droppings is the first and major difference in order to recognize the rat or mouse infestation. Rats have relatively larger dropping sizes but lesser droppings in amount. While droppings of mice are smaller in size and double in amount compared to rats. 


Rats are 16 to 40 cm long and weight 150 to 300 grams. They are larger in size and have small ears, and larger feet to grip on. They have thick hairless tail and they live in higher places (attics, roof and ceilings). 

While mice are easily distinguishable from rats as these are smaller in size. They are 3 to 10 cm long and carry 12 to 45 grams of weight. They have large ears, small feet and a thin and long tail with hairs on it. While they prefer to live underground (burrows).

Most people confuse young rats with mice as both look the same in size. But you can easily compare both of these species and differences between them. A mature mouse has a large and thin tail as compared to its body, their tail also have ingrown hairs.Ratand mice have their own preference for habitat and food. 

Damage and diseases

Rats and mice can completely damage your property. They have sharp and pointed toes to have a tight grip on trees and roofs. They often gnaw to reduce the growth of their sharp and pointed incisors. They even scratch wires which can be dangerous to leave them open. They gnaw through wall cavities and make holes to nest there and it is important to just fill these holes to stop rat or mouse infestation.

Furthermore rats and mice both carry different types of diseases including bacterial and viral infections. They can transmit diseases just by contaminating your food, and also through the unbearable smell of their urine.


Rat infestation can bring many hazardous diseases in your house. Rat's diseases are the reason you should control their population at home. It is always best to keep your house clean to stop these kinds of infestation. Moreover, cleaning your attics once in a season will also prevent rats.You should always clean your house although there is no sign of a rat. Firstly rats do not enter if your house is completely sanitized, and secondly if they come to your house simply call rat exterminators to get rid of them momentarily. It is the most effective way to remove rats.

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